“Among all the machines, the motorcar is my favorite machine.” 在所有的机械产品中,我最喜欢汽车。

China Motorsports News

Petrolheads: Motorsports boom in China

Motorsports are enjoying a boom across China, from the high-profile two-week long Silk Way odyssey, to the hundreds of local car rallies, motocross events and touring car championships that take place LLC Receives Investment From Team China Racing LLC announced today that it has received an investment from Team China Racing for a joint-venture to provide online motorsports content, video and interactive multimedia in Asia.

China: The Next Big Stage for Auto Racing?

It’s only a matter of time before we see an onslaught of talented drivers emerge from China.

It’s no secret that China is a growing financial powerhouse. And

“Auto racing began 5 minutes after the second car was built.” 在第二辆汽车生产下线5分钟后,赛车便拉开了序幕。 – Henry Ford
Henry Ford
Ford Motor Company CEO, 1945




What are the goals for the Motorsports Entertainment Facility

Development Consultants

Who are some of our world-famous racing consultants?

Project Phases

What is the process in building a motorsports facility?

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