About Us

At micMAC Global LLC, all of our products, projects and services have a common purpose: A better life for those we serve. “micMAC” comes from “microMACRO.” Small things and large things. We strive for better lives for people — in the small and large areas of life.

micmac Global

“The Best We Can Give”

Company Philosophy

At micMAC Global, we believe business is a moral enterprise and a force for good. We care about leading with integrity and quality in each product and service we offer. Our focus is not about just completing the task, but about HOW we complete it. Some companies may “cut corners,” but we believe our clients deserve a company that understands their worth and will serve them well.

To that end, we have two guiding business philosophies:

1. “Business is a PEOPLE profession, not a NUMBERS profession.” Numbers can tell you where you are in business, but people ARE your business. There are no small clients or team members. Doing good for others is always the best path. Exploiting clients or team members is never acceptable. We have succeeded when a client succeeds.

2. “We do business the way we run our company.” At micMAC, we all have a say and a stake in the company. We work based on the character, talents and skills of who we hire — and we hire the best. Our “untypical” company structure gives our team more freedom to lead and grow in their respective fields. We have an “open door” policy so that everyone has direct access to the president or EVP and can contribute their good ideas (or corrections!) while being who they are and striving to grow.


At micMAC Global, we offer you, our clients, The Best We Can Give.


Message from the CEO

Tom Harper

Perspective and Privilege

In all business operations, proper perspective is important. But in cross-cultural business, all perspectives must be known and considered or good business is impossible. When vastly different cultures are trying to do business together, getting the proper perspective is a complicated task.

micMAC Global is a perspective company, a window of understanding between many different countries. We’ve worked for many years to develop relationships and channels that help smooth the way between West and East. Our business is enhanced by our understanding, and your business can be, also. Our experiences can help you save time and the expense that results from cultural mistakes.

With the proper perspective, working worldwide is a privilege. A challenge, yes, but a privilege to work with people who want their lives to be better, and who want to do business for mutual benefit. Learning a new language and culture, building life-long friendships, and creating ongoing business operations, are among the many privileges of working in international business.

micMAC Global is here to enhance your perspectives so you can enjoy the privileges of cross-cultural business.

Tom Harper, CEO micMAC Global