Product Sourcing

We can find the best manufacturers to fulfill your unique business requirements.Whether it's quality, price, lead-time, or capability that's at the top of your list - there isn't a product that we can't save you money on.

Manufacturing QC

Having offices located in Asia lets us manage the whole manufacturing process. From prototypes, quality control, expert negotiation, video walk-throughs and all due diligence, we've got it covered.

Import / Export

Once we've negotiated the best possible pricing & terms on your behalf with the manufacturer, micMAC Global will handle the entire importing process for you including freight and documentation.

Why choose micMAC Global?

• US, Thailand and China offices

• Team with over 25 years manufacturing/wholesale experience

• Team producing video factory walkthroughs & professional pics

• Well established American company in China for over 10 years.

• Solid manufacturing relationships in China and SE Asia.

• Certified to do factory inspections.

“Business is a PEOPLE profession, not a NUMBERS profession.”

We offer product sourcing services, factory inspection options, sales and marketing consulting & product branding,  Our clients are major state-owned enterprises, local businesses that trade with the U.S., international schools, universities, five-star hotels and more.

Current Projects

Sourcing in Asia

Product Sourcing

Made in Southeast Asia: (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment


Factory Inspections

Our certified inspector can keep your factories industry compliant so you don’t have to worry about QC.

Business Consulting

Equipping your professional team in cross-cultural business.

Media/Video Production

Helping companies communicate a clear message through media marketing.

Our clients

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